Standard Details

Number          Standard Detail Title

SD-0                 Standard Details – Table of Contents
SD-5                 Fire Hydrant Assembly
SD-10                2″ Blow-Off Assembly
SD-11                Full Size Blow-Off Assembly
SD-16                Modified Meter Box
SD-17                Large Meter Details
SD-25                Standard Water Service
SD-27                1.5″ & 2″ Standard Service
SD-30                Standard Valve Box
SD-31                Heavy Duty Valve Box
SD-32                Rodded Valve
SD-35                Double Check Detector Assembly (Fire Line)
SD-36                2″ & Smaller Double Check Valve Assembly
SD-37                2.5″ & Larger Double Check Valve Assembly
SD-38                Standard Reduced Pressure Backflow Device
SD-45                Standard 1″ Air Release Assembly
SD-50                Typical Thrust Blocking
SD-51                Standard Trench Detail
SD-55                Standard Waterline Notes
SD-56                Standard Main & Service Installation for New Development

Click here to download the District’s backflow specifications.