About Us

Our Mission Statement

To strive for total customer satisfaction by providing the safest and highest quality water at the most responsible cost. To professionally manage Rockwood Water to assure its financial health for the ongoing protection of our customers.

Our Values

Quality We are committed to providing the highest quality product and service to our customers.
Stewardship We are exceptional stewards of all District resources (water, money, water system) and the natural environment and will ensure the District’s ability to provide service into the future.
Resilience We expect to respond quickly and effectively to any unforeseen or unpredictable event or upset (e.g., natural disaster).
Community We are an integral part of the community we serve and are dedicated to serving it and our customers.
Integrity We are honest and have strong moral principles.
Professionalism We have the skills and competence to provide excellent service to our customers in a way that is reliable and accountable.
Innovation We continuously strive to implement new processes in order to improve productivity and performance.
Creativity We encourage creative thinking in order to improve service.
Efficiency We competently perform all District functions and business in a cost efficient manner.
Effectiveness We solve problems and accomplish desired results.

About the District
The District has been in business for over 90 years. Originally known as Rockwood Water District, it became a People’s Utility District (PUD) in 1990 to protect its boundaries from annexation. We provide only drinking water services; we do not provide sewer or stormwater/drainage services. The District encompasses approximately 10 square miles. We maintain over 165 miles of pipeline, operate five production wells, and manage 4 reservoirs which provide 19.2 million gallons of storage to provide you with a reliable and adequate water supply. We currently provide water to 13,654 meters or approximately 66,000 people within the cities of Portland, Gresham and Fairview. Your water is usually water from the Bull Run Watershed, purchased from the City of Portland. At times, usually in the summer, we augment that supply with groundwater from the District’s wells. The City of Portland also draws water from the Columbia Southshore Wellfield to augment the Bull Run supply during emergency situations or to meet high water demands during the summer months.

View a boundary map of the District here.

Contact the District
Rockwood Water People’s Utility District
19601 NE Halsey Street
Portland, Oregon 97230
Phone: (503) 665-4179
Fax: (503) 667-5108