Payment Assistance

Rockwood Water People’s Utility District wants to ensure everyone has access to the water they need to stay healthy and take care of themselves and their families. With the COVID-19 emergency declaration, and until further notice, Rockwood Water will not disconnect water service for non-payment of water bills; however, it is important for customers to know they will continue to be responsible for water charges due now and accrued during this time. Customers should continue to pay their water bill. We understand our customers may be working through an affordability crisis during this time, so Rockwood Water is offering flexible payment arrangements and assistance to pay your water bill. Please be proactive! If you’re facing a financial hardship during this time, please call us at 503-665-4179 to work out a plan BEFORE your bill is due or late fees accrue.

Financial Assistance Program
Rockwood Water’s financial assistance program for qualifying customers is a one-time crisis assistance payment of $132 or a bi-monthly discount of $22 on water bills for one year (six bills).  To find out if you meet our Customer Assistance Program income guidelines, contact Human Solutions, Inc. at 503-548-0217. Their offices are located at:

Rockwood Office:
124 NE 181st Ave.

Portland Office:
12350 SE Powell Blvd.

Assistance for City of Portland Sewer and Stormwater Customers
Need help paying the sewer and stormwater charges on your utility bill from the City of Portland? Portland Bureau of Environmental Services offers financial assistance to qualifying residential Rockwood Water customers who receive a sewer and stormwater bill from the City of Portland. Learn more and apply here.