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The first and most obvious priority of a public water system is to provide high-quality drinking water to its customers. Doing this requires far more than simply filling pipes with water and sending it down the road for consumption. It’s our job to keep the public water supply free of contaminants.

A multi- barrier approach to protecting the water supply starts with drinking water production but doesn’t end once it’s gone through your water meter. Public health requires elimination or control of every potential source of contamination that exists. That includes preventing potential contaminants introduced from the customer’s property from flowing back into the distribution system by way of backflow.

All public water systems are required by the Oregon Health Authority to operate a cross connection control program. Under the regulations, water suppliers such as Rockwood Water PUD must conduct an active program to identify and eliminate all unprotected cross connections and certify that all protected cross connections are maintained as required by the regulations.

A Cross Connection is any connection between potable (drinking) water, and non-potable (non-drinking) water.

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