The first and most obvious priority of a public water system is to provide high-quality drinking water to its customers. Doing this requires far more than simply filling pipes with water and sending it down the road for consumption. It’s our job to keep the public water supply free of contaminants.

A multi- barrier approach to protecting the water supply starts with drinking water production but doesn’t end once it’s gone through your water meter. Public health requires elimination or control of every potential source of contamination that exists. That includes preventing potential contaminants introduced from the customer’s property from flowing back into the distribution system by way of backflow.

All public water systems are required by the Oregon Health Authority to operate a cross connection control program. Under the regulations, water suppliers such as Rockwood Water PUD must conduct an active program to identify and eliminate all unprotected cross connections and certify that all protected cross connections are maintained as required by the regulations.

A Cross Connection is any connection between potable (drinking) water, and non-potable (non-drinking) water.

Click here to download the District’s backflow specifications.

Backflow Testers

Backflow assemblies must be tested by a tester certified by the Oregon Health Authority to perform backflow tests. Backflow assemblies must be tested by a tester certified by the Oregon Health Authority to perform backflow tests. Following is a list of the testers approved to file test results electronically for Rockwood Water and who are certified by the Oregon Health Authority. Please provide your location code to your tester. Your location code can be found on the Test Required Notice you received from Rockwood Water.  You can also obtain your location code by contacting our backflow department at 503-674-4510 or You can also call our main office 503-665-4179.

AFP Systems, Inc. 503-559-0788
Alliant Systems 971-205-8208
American Backflow and Plumbing Services 877-950-2468
American Backflow Services 503-289-1745
Aqua-Tech Backflow Services 503-251-1683
Backflow Management Inc. 503-255-1619
Bruton Backflow and Irrigation 503-618-1806
Cascadia Backflow 503-980-4806
Clearwater Backflow Testing 503-703-7821
Columbia Cross-Connection Control 503-235-6141
Farr Better Backflow Testing LLC 541-490-6488
Landscape Management & Services, Inc. 360-256-0706
Metro Safety and Fire 503-231-2999
My Plumbing Services LLC 971-409-3864
NW Backflow Inspection and Testing 503-695-3286
Oregon Backflow Testing 503-491-9402
Plumb Tech 503-668-8800
Portland Mechanical Contractors 503-656-7400
Protec Security & Fire Systems 503-235-4000
United Fire 503-249-0771
Water Metrics Co. West 503-603-0998
West Coast Fire Systems 503-347-9773

Backflow Customer Portal

You can view your test results by registering on our backflow Customer Portal at  You will need your location code to view your results after you have registered.

Email Option

If you would like to have your test results automatically emailed to you, please contact the Backflow Department via email at and request to have your email added to our backflow database.  Please note:  you will not receive email results for tests that have already been completed.