FREE Conservation Materials

The following items are available to Rockwood Water customers.

Water Conservation Kits Available

Interested in saving water? Call the District office at 503-665-4179 or email and request one of our free kits full of water-saving materials.

Indoor Kits include: water saving showerhead, Teflon tape, bathroom water faucet aerator, kitchen water faucet aerator with swivel, and toilet leak detection dye tablets.

Outdoor Kits include: watering gauge, hose repair eco-kit, auto hose shut off timers, and water saver sprayer trigger nozzle.

*Please note that supplies are limited and kits are available to District customers only.*

Brochures and Guides

  • Children’s activity books and stickers.
  • Simple Tips to Save You Water and Money: This guide identifies some simple and cost effective changes that you can make to reduce your household’s water consumption, while saving you money.
  • H2O Indoor: A guide answering some of the questions we hear most often about indoor water conservation.
  • H2O Outdoor: Simple tips to save water and money.
  • 7 Basic Steps for Creating Water Efficient Landscapes: A 23-page guide for creating water efficient landscapes.
  • Water-Efficient Plants for the Willamette Valley: This beautiful 45-page publication illustrates plants and planting techniques suited to our climate.
  • Making the Most of Your Lawn Irrigation System this Summer: Water saving tips for automatic lawn irrigation systems.
  • Water Conservation Guide for Multifamily Property Managers: Simple upgrades that will save you money, time, & water.