Rates and Finance

Water Bills, Rates, and Charges

Water bills are calculated on a two-month period of time. The bill is a combination of a Meter Charge that varies with the size of the meter (most residential customers have a 5/8″ meter) and a charge based on actual water usage. The usage charge is based on a meter reading, and units are measured in hundred cubic feet (ccf), which equals 748 gallons.

The following are our rates and charges for fiscal year July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024.

METER CHARGE (bi-monthly by meter size):

Size in Inches Charge
5/8 $29.49
3/4 $44.25
1 $73.74
1 1/2 $147.40
2 $235.84
3 $515.93
4 $884.41
6 $1,842.47
8 $2,653.15
10 $4,274.49

Fire meters charged 5/8 inch meter size rate.

Partial billing periods are prorated.

Two (or three) separate buildings on the same meter (2-user or 3-user shall be charged twice (or three times) the meter charge.


Rate per 100 cf (one hundred cubic feet):  $3.35

Users outside the District pay a fifty percent (50%) surcharge for water.


Late Notice $10.00
48-Hour Door Hanger $20.00
Turn Meter Off for Nonpayment $30.40
Turn Meter on weekdays (4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.) $15.00
Pull Meter/Reinstall $65.87
Move in or Found on Meter $32.93
Broken Curb Stop $131.67
Dishonored Payment $32.93
Cut off at Main Time and Materials
Broken Lock $30.39
Inspection (turn off/on) $32.93
Repeat Service Calls $32.93
Nonemergency turn on outside of normal working hours $118.52
Backflow Fee $1.41 per month
Meter Testing Fee 1/ (at customer site)
5/8 inch to 1 inch $67.16
1.5 inches and over $134.33
Meter Testing Fee 1/ (at Meter Shop)
5/8 inch $135.52
3/4 inche $163.31
1 inch $214.61
1.5 inches $559.97
2 inches $760.97
1/ If meter is not reading accurately per AWWA standards, no fee is charged.
Set-up Fee – New Account $32.22
Late Payment Charge Bills issued to vendors by District which remain unpaid for over 30 days may be subject to a Late Payment Charge of 1.5% and compounded monthly on the unpaid balance.
Credit Card Use Credit cards may be used by District customers to pay for routine monthly or bi-monthly water charges at no additional charge. Credit card use will not be permitted to pay for services involved with development services, construction activities or other District operations and maintenance items.
Contract Backflow Test At Cost
Hydrant Use Permit
1 month $31.58
2 to 6 months $63.15
7 to 12 months $126.32
Credit Card Use Credit cards may be used by District customers to pay for all District related transactions. Credit card use over $5,000 will be subject to a 5% surcharge fee.
Fines for Unpermitted Hydrant Use
First Offense $175.00
Second Offense $350.00
Third Offense $600.00
2/ This may be waived if arrangements are made with the District within 24 hours of notice of violation.

Additional labor, material and equipment charges may be assessed for special circumstances (i.e., meters in vault, safety and security issues, counting coins, etc.


The minimum amount of deposit is fifty dollars ($50). A greater deposit is required on accounts where the usage is known to be higher than a single-family dwelling, such as an apartment complex or industrial user. A greater deposit may also be required if there is a high usage history of six months or longer.

The deposit shall be calculated as follows: Three to six (3 – 6) bimonthly bills are averaged, and that amount is multiplied by 1.75. The amount is rounded to the nearest five dollars ($5). The basis for this calculation is that by the time an account has been terminated for non-payment, one (1) entire billing period and three-quarters (3/4) of the next billing period have passed without payment.


City of Portland Effective August 15, 1994 5.2635%
City of Fairview Effective July 1, 2000 5%
City of Gresham Effective July 1, 2003 5%


$13.30 for the first day.
$6.65 per day thereafter – up to two (2) weeks.
$3.30 per day thereafter – up to one (1) month.
(7-day week computation),
plus current volumetric charge as adjusted by the Board.

For Contractors’ uses in excess of thirty (30) days: $13.30 for the first day, $6.65 per day for the next fourteen (14) days, weekends excluded, $3.30 for the balance of the month, weekends excluded, thence $3.30 per day for as many months as they retain it, weekends excluded; plus current volumetric charge as adjusted by the Board.

For religious, fraternal and charitable organizations using a meter for a legitimate fund-raising activity, the applicable fee shall be exactly one half of the fee for the usual, customary residential use.


Rental rate:
Two-inch double check valve:
First three days or part thereof $29.80
Each additional day or part thereof $9.95
Two-inch combination meter and backflow device:
First three days or part thereof $44.70
Each additional day or part thereof $14.90
Deposit (refundable):
Meter $311.70
Backflow $155.90
Combination Device $435.00


Meter Size Maximum Gallons Per Minute ERU Equivalent Total SDC Charge
5/8 inch 20 1 $3,741
3/4 inch 30 1.5 $5,611
1.0 inch 50 2.5 $9,352
1.5 inch 100 5 $18,704
2.0 inch 160 8 $29,926
3.0 inch 350 17.5 $65,464
4.0 inch 600 30 $112,224
6.0 inch 1,250 62.5 $233,800
8.0 inch 1,800 90 $336,672
10.0 inch 3,900 145 $542,416