Public Records Policy

General.  All requests for disclosure of public records shall be handled in accordance with
ORS 192.410-192-505. These statutes require disclosure of public records upon request and at a reasonable time and place.

Definition. “Public Records” are defined as “a document, book, paper, photograph, file, sound recording, machine readable electronic record or other material, such as court files, mortgage and deed records, regardless of physical form or characteristics, made, received, filed or recorded in pursuance of law or in connection with the transaction of public business, whether or not confidential or restricted in use. ‘Public Records’ include correspondence, public records made by photocopying and public writings.” (ORS 192.005[5].)


  1. Requests for disclosure of public records must be made by filling out a Request for Disclosure of Public Records Form and submit to the District’s Custodian of Records (General Manager) or designee.
  2. The request must specify the records and time period sought.
  3. Upon receipt of the request, the Custodian will review it to determine whether the requested records are statutorily exempt from disclosure. The Custodian may need to inquire as to the propriety of the request with legal counsel.
  4. If the records are to be disclosed, the Custodian will contact the requester to arrange a mutually convenient time for examination of the records. The examination will take place at the District’s offices and will be made only in the presence of a representative of the District.
  5. Copies of the records will be made available for a fee as set forth on the following schedule.
  6. Electronically stored data may be printed and will be charged per page according to the attached schedule.

Interpretation. Questions about the intent or interpretation of this policy shall be referred to the Custodian of Records or District Counsel.


Up to and including 11” x 17”per page or double-sided
(First five pages free)
Black and White $0.30
Color $1.10

Black and White $0.30 per square foot
Color $1.25 per square foot

Electronic Data.

Cost of storage device and/or reproduction cost
Copies Requiring Scanning $0.25 per page

Delivery Method.

Shipping Actual cost
Fax $1.25per page
Email No charge

Search Time.

Any request for records requiring more than one half (1/2) hour of staff time to search for and assemble shall be charged at the District’s standard hourly rate for the employee(s) involved.