How do I start or stop water service?
Call the District office at 503-665-4179 or apply in person during business hours.

Are there any start-up fees?
There is a $30.40 fee for setting up a new account.

How am I billed for my water?
The water you use is measured in 748 gallon or 100 cubic feet (CF) increments. Customers are charged a base charge depending on meter size plus a consumption charge based on the meter reading. The District bills its customers on a bimonthly basis.

Where does my water come from?
Your water is usually water from the Bull Run Watershed, purchased from the City of Portland. At times, usually in the summer, we augment that supply with groundwater from the District’s wells. The City of Portland also draws water from the Columbia Southshore Wellfield to augment the Bull Run supply during emergency situations or to meet high water demands during the summer months.

Where can I find my water meter?
Your water meter is typically located in front of your home near the street. There are some exceptions. For assistance in locating your meter, please contact the District office or visit our Meter Information webpage.

How can I detect a leak?
We can show you how to detect a leak on our Meter Information webpage.

Who do I call to start sewer service?
Rockwood Water does not provide sewer services. To start sewer services, please contact your sewer provider:

  • City of Fairview: 503-665-7929
  • City of Gresham: 503-618-2373
  • City of Portland: 503-823-7770