Cascade Well #8 – 141st Avenue


The District is drilling a groundwater well at 311 NE 141st Avenue. The District’s goal for the use of this property is to develop groundwater supplies ensuring continued affordability and resilience for our customers.


  • As of September 21st, the contractor is down to 1,000 feet below ground surface (BGS), but still in the upper borehole. Drilling production improved, but the upper borehole casing is at the weight limit of the crane to install it. The contractor began installing the 24-inch diameter casing this week (September 21st) and will be at the bottom of the borehole by Friday. They will then grout around the outside of the casing to seal it next week. The week of October 5th, drilling will resume until they reach the target aquifer, which should be very soon. Although the aquifer is much deeper than anticipated, the lower borehole is still expected to be 180 feet thick.


  • The well consists of an upper and lower borehole. The upper borehole is cased with solid pipe down to the top of the target aquifer, originally expected to be approximately 700 feet BGS. The lower borehole would then be screened where the water is drawn, down to approximately 900 feet BGS. Well construction started on January 6th and was scheduled to be completed mid-June.
  • The updated schedule forecasts the bulk of the project wrapping up at the end of the calendar year. Not all this time is active construction (and noise). Portions of this time are equipment removal and delivery/setup, screen design and production, demobilization, and site cleanup. The plan for this site is to develop a well, determine what volume of water we can produce, then size a wellhouse and small treatment building, make upgrades to the existing reservoir, and replant trees and landscape. Our property will be restored to reflect the positive livability values of the neighborhood. In the meantime, we will keep the site as tidy as possible.
  • We apologize for the time this project has taken and please know the contractor, hydrogeologist and District are diligently working to complete this well in a timely manner. Although the drilling has not gone per plan and has been challenging for the drillers and neighborhood, when completed, it will be a dependable and responsible source of water for the District.
  • Construction will only be done during daylight hours, approximately 7:00 am – 5:00 pm daily.  After the well is drilled, there will be a necessity to operate the well continuously for 24 – 48 hours. Construction noise will adhere to requirements established by the City of Portland; however, the District will be proactively exploring noise abatement measures should they be needed.
  • Large equipment will be used on site. We are asking neighbors to let us know immediately if avoidable interferences are occurring, so they can be corrected. Travel and pedestrian traffic may be affected for a couple of days before and after the project.


  • Rockwood Water’s primary source of drinking water is purchased from the City of Portland. Future rate projections from the City of Portland show significant rate increases for wholesale water purchasers beyond 2026.
  • Rockwood Water’s current water purchase price from the City of Portland is $2,705,100. It is projected to be $9,741,629 by the year 2029.  The cost to produce high quality groundwater is significantly less than future purchases of the same amount of water from Portland.
  • This groundwater well will help us to reduce the need to buy all our water from the City of Portland and keep our water rates as low as possible.
  • To maintain the highest quality water possible for our customers, the District will be looking to include state-of-the-art treatment as part of the groundwater development.


Duration:  Well drilling is expected to be fully completed by February 15, 2021.

Schedule:  Mondays – Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except holidays.