Cascade Well #8 – 141st Avenue


141st Well DrillingThe District has drilled a groundwater well at 311 NE 141st Avenue. The District’s goal for the use of this property is to develop groundwater supplies ensuring continued affordability and resilience for our customers.


  • Drilling is complete and initial aquifer testing determined we will get 2 million gallons per day (mgd) from the well. Additional aquifer testing is required and will be completyed this fall. The drilling equipment was removed, the site as graded, and fencing reinstalled. The design for the treatment building and onsite improvements will begin in 2022, with construction during the year 2023.


  • Rockwood Water’s primary source of drinking water is purchased from the City of Portland. Future rate projections from the City of Portland show significant rate increases for wholesale water purchasers beyond 2026.
  • Rockwood Water’s current yearly water purchase price from the City of Portland is $2,705,100. It is projected to be $9,741,629 by the year 2029.  The cost to produce high quality groundwater is significantly less than future purchases of the same amount of water from Portland.
  • This groundwater well will help us to reduce the need to buy all our water from the City of Portland and keep our water rates as low as possible.
  • To maintain the highest quality water possible for our customers, the District will be looking to include state-of-the-art treatment as part of the groundwater development.