Educational Materials

The following materials are available to the educators and students in our service area.

Activity Booklets

  • Where’s Rosie? Activity Booklet: Developed as a supplement for the Where’s Rosie puppet show; includes activities on the properties of water, the water cycle and water conservation (suitable for Grades K-2).
  • Water and You: A booklet with coloring activities and puzzles to teach how important water is to all living things (suitable for Grades K-2).
  • What Do You Know About H2O?: An activity book with games and puzzles to help teach kids about water conservation (suitable for Grades 3-6).


We have several educational posters for the classroom. The front is a map, and the reverse side includes information and activities. Topics are:

  • Water Recycles (all ages)
  • Groundwater: The Hidden Resource (Grade School edition)
  • How do We Treat Our Wastewater? (Grade School edition)
  • Water: The Resource that Gets Used & Used & Used for Everything! (Grade School edition)
  • Water Works Map – Portland Metro area water supply systems (Grades 4-6)
  • Water Quality…Potential Sources of Pollution (Middle School edition)
  • Wetlands: Water, Wildlife, Plants & People (Middle School edition)
  • Navigation: Traveling the Water Highways! (Middle School edition)
  • Watersheds: Where We Live (Middle School edition)

Curriculum Guides, Books, Videos, and CDs

Rockwood Water has curriculum guides, videos, and books that can be incorporated into our classroom presentations or checked out/borrowed by teachers for their own use. Please click here for a complete list.