Fire Hydrant Use and Installation

Hydrant Use Permit in PDF format
Hydrant Use Permit in Word format

District Policy

Fire hydrants will be installed by the District upon application thereof and upon payment of the cost thereof in advance to the District. The size, location, type and other factors involved with hydrants and their installation will be specified. Use of fire hydrants will be regulated by the District.

Use and Damage to Fire Hydrants. No person other than an agent of the District will open any fire hydrant, or attempt to draw water from it, or in any manner tamper with it. Violation of this regulation is a crime.

Moving a Hydrant. If a person desires to change the size, type or location of an existing fire hydrant, he will pay all costs of such change if the District approves the change to be made. In determining the location of new hydrants, consideration should be made first to fire protection needs and fire department requirements. In addition, businesses located within seventy-five (75) feet of the proposed site will be notified of proposed hydrant installations and allowed to request a hearing if a hardship would result from such hydrant installation. Notice will include description of hearing process.

Using Water From a Hydrant. Using water from a hydrant is prohibited, unless an annual permit has been issued and a hydrant meter has been rented from the District with permission granted by the District.

Unauthorized use of a fire hydrant or unmetered services, each time accessed, will require a payment of the charges as set forth in Appendix IV.

Notwithstanding any other remedy under these rules, unauthorized use is illegal, and violations are punishable under ORS 164.345 and 164.354.

The permit application will detail the length of time and charges. Only selected hydrants, in certain locations, are available for this type of use. A deposit may be required, and charges will be computed upon return of the hydrant meter. Rental charges will be made for the entire time the equipment is in the renter’s possession. See our Rates and Fees page for charges.

Water tank trucks must meet specific cross-connection control requirements. The District reserves the right to prohibit use of hydrants if the above standards are not met or if the quality of potable water is endangered. Whenever the potential contamination or pollution of the District water supply may exist, the District will require an approved backflow prevention device be installed.

Rented hydrant meters, hydrant wrenches and any other accessories must be returned in good condition or full restitution will be required. In addition, the privilege of hydrant use may be revoked.

Permit holders are required to report their usage every thirty (30) days. Failure to report will incur a service charge.